Social Media Use Effects on Teens

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Social Media Use Effects on Teens

Over the last decade, social media has remapped the central experience of adolescence, a period of rapid brain development. Research has emerged recently showing sensitivity to social media varies from person to person.

  • Nearly all American teenagers engage through social media, with 97% going online every day and 46% reporting that they are online “almost constantly,” according to the Pew Research Center.

While we don’t know the long-term implications, it is important that we are aware of social media habits in teenagers and the possible effects on mental health.

  • Social sensitivity could be adaptive, showing that the teenagers are learning to connect with others; or it could lead to social anxiety and depression if social needs are not met.
  • Researchers have documented a range of effects on children’s mental health. Some studies have linked use of social media with depression and anxiety, while others found little connection.

A teen can experience impostor syndrome when feeling chronic self-doubt and a sense of being exposed as ‘a fraud’ in terms of success and intellect.

The earlier teens start using social media, the greater impact the platforms have on mental health. This is especially true for females.

While teen males tend to express aggression physically, females do so relationally by excluding others and sharing hurtful comments. Social media increases the opportunity for such harmful interactions.

Teens are not motivated to change their social media use by simply hearing it’s bad for them. It’s better for individuals to see what their limits are. It’s probably unrealistic for most social media users to quit completely.

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